Titanium Clothing



About Us!

Before we get into the clothing company lets tell you how it began.

It all started when we were about 16 years old. we knew we wanted to work for ourselves and be in control of our own company. At the time we had very limited contacts, close to none, we only had Saturday jobs to fund the whole brand. Many close friends and family supported the company as they do now, they would order products and share all of our social media posts like clock work. 

When we first started our company we would make 2 train journeys, and a 40 min walk to a printers in Liverpool, we walked through rain and snow to get our stock home. Every order would be packed and a hand written label would be then stuck on the front, and we'd go the post office almost straight after receiving it. 

When we both lost our jobs the brand had to come to a stop, no income was coming in, we were 16, so we had to put a pin it. A couple months go by and Ollie got a jo, which gave him the opportunity  to start the company up again using his wages. Ollie got jack a job in Lidl not long after..

After a few weeks of working with each other we both spoke about Jack buying into the brand  and running it together again. As we both had the same income roughly and could afford to give Titanium Co a real go!. which is what we are doing.